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World -
Customer reviews for World:
5 out of 5 based on 18 reviews

Submitted By: Christina Struble:
World magazine is written from a Christian perspective. It gives an insightful conservative view on current events happening in our World. We especially like the book and movie reviews to help guide our choices. Our high school children use this magazine weekly for school related assignments (especially current events!) This keeps the whole family up-to-date without having to watch hours of television. This magazine is a must for any home school family!

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Richard Abshier:
World Magazine gives a perspective that cannot be found in Time or Newsweek. It reports the same stories that have made the news but does so from a Christian perspective and Worldview which cannot be found elsewhere.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: steve hansen:
I have really enjoyed World magazine. Each week, all manner of current World events are addressed, albeit from a Christian perspective. I have been personally challenged by many of the thought provoking editorials. Whereas the mainstream media focuses on the negative news, World magazine will point out the positive in difficult situations. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast, World magazine highlighted the vast number faith based organizations that immediately jumped into action to help out in that region.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Laura Sisson:
World Magazine is an informative publication with a Christian Worldview. With World Magazine you can believe that what the media is conveying through the stories/articles is the truth. It is refreshing to read a magazine that you can trust!

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Brian Gosur:

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Marnee Hales:
If you are bothered by the leftist slant presented in many of our weekly political magazines today, than World Magazine is a refreshing alternative for you. Coming from a Christian viewpoint, World magazine is well-researched and honest. The news from someone you can trust is all a person can ask for.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Anne Digges:
My family enjoys reading World magazine every week. There are elements that appeal to the many interests of our six readers. My sons turn first to the sports articles then browse the current events. My younger daughters giggle over the often humorous "Quick Takes" then tries to understand the political cartoons. My husband keeps up with the media with "Culture Beat". I take time to understand the international politics highlighted in the feature stories. But all of us especially value learning about our World from a Biblical perspective, which is what sets World Magazine apart from the news weeklies.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By:
As a secondary World history teacher who wants to examine issues from an ethical viewpoint, I greatly appreciate the editors, writers, and correspondents of World Magazine. I purposely review more liberal and more conservative viewpoints and weigh the morality of an issue closely from an evangelical Christian vantage point. While I purposely adopt a politically independent stance in the classroom, I am responsible to ask questions in a Socratic manner and support ethical positions advanced by the students. I highly value World Magazine as one resource in helping keep me abreast of ethical considerations.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Margaret Crabtree:
Want a conservative no holding back look at current events? World magazine will give you news and perspectives which you will NOT find anywhere else. The articles are written by educated and well informed individuals in their areas of expertise. You will find Biblical views which will not only challenge your beliefs, but your intellect as well. I chose World because I knew I could trust the information and perspectives knowing that they are accurate and well written.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Robert Christianson:
The "Elite Press" has had a devastating effect on the United States by glamorizing and promoting immorality. World Magazine is a refreshing, honest Christian Worldview of news. It does not whitewash the problems in Christianity ... the truth hurts sometimes. But most importantly, it does not bow at the feet of radical political or social movements. This magazine would be worth it at twice the price.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Paul Vander Maat:
We appreciate World Magazine because we can learn about national and World events from a Christian perspective. It covers a broad range of topics, is well written, and illustrated. It is the most read publication in our home.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: eugene forsythe:
World magazine is a wonderful magazine that gives a different perspective on the news than what one usually hears in Time, Newsweek, ABC, etc. They have values based on spiritual principles, although the focus is not on religion. Highly recommended.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Kate Pitrone:

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Gary Fordham:
World Magazine is a well written, fair and balanced magazine. It has great articles which present the real news, not the news as represented by the biased newspapers and news media. It also has movie reviews, book reviews and many other interesting columns.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Jennifer King:
World Magazine is journalism at its finest. It covers a broad range of topics in a fair and balanced perspective from a biblical Worldview. I especially enjoy their coverage of domestic, international, and church politics. World covers many important stories the main media outlets ignore and gives the facts and tells the stories without being overly negative. It often covers the positive aspects of stories, like Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, that everyone else ignores.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Sarah Mair:
World Magazine is my favorite news periodical. The World and national news articles are thoroughly researched and yet not presented with the liberal bias that I find in most other news sources. I also appreciate the reviews of popular music, movies, and books written from a Christian conservative perspective, calling attention to particular vulgarities which I want to avoid, and pointing out solid family values which I want to support. Even the advertising is free of the sexual innuendos pervasive in American culture. "World" is a dependable, informative, and clean publication that sacrifices nothing while presenting its readers with and accurate picture of current events.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Wendy:
This is an excellent, informative, and balanced news magazine. The only problem I had was that I did not receive issues every week, and sometimes I received two at the same time.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Mary Heppert:
World Magazine pulls together the best of the conservative writers in every domain. From World news, to politics, to movie reviews, it provides a vantage point not seen in the current media for the most part. World keeps a pulse on Biblical values. It has been wonderful to have had so many friends say it is the one news magazine they go to for balance. Cheers!

5 of 5 Stars!
Write your own review on this product
Average Customer Rating: Displaying 18 of 18 product reviews
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