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Black Enterprise

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Black Enterprise Magazine

Cover Price:$36.85
Our Price: $17.95
$1.50 per issue!

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12 issues
Cover Price: $36.85
Our Price: $17.95
You Save $18.90! (51% off the Cover!)
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[BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] - Featured review submitted by: David Yancy II: In a day and age where the rising cost of living has forced America to become more money conscious, Black Enterprise magazine has forged its way as the ultimate guide to financial empowerment. As the name may seem to imply, this magazine is not only for African-American readers, but includes a vast array of money saving techniques and tips that novice investors can use as well as tips that even the most seasoned investor may find interesting. This magazine will provide you with practical solutions and advice for money management and structured debt reduction.
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Black Enterprise -
Customer reviews for Black Enterprise:
5 out of 5 based on 24 reviews

Submitted By: Julien Warren:
My husband and I have received Black Enterprise magazine for a number of years and we have remained happy with its quality. I like the fact that this magazine focuses on minorities and developing yourself financially. We have gotten so many tips on how to buy property, managing finances, starting your own business, and just general facts about franchises. This magazine serves two purposes in your life: entertainment and knowledge. You are passing the time actually bettering yourself. I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is looking to improve their life.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Daniel F. Bailey:
I have found Black Enterprise magazine to be the one place to get the unique perspective of the contributions of the Black business community and other relevant economic and financial insights. The annual top 100 rankings provide insights into the growth trends of the types of businesses having the greatest impact in the Black community.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: wanda brown:
I have been an avid reader of Black Enterprise Magazine since its inception and have found it to be a wonderful business tool. The articles are informative and interesting. Black Enterprise Magazine gives me a leg up on the ever changing world of business and finance. I strongly recommend trying it. Not only is it great for African American readers, it is a great forum for all.

5 of 5 Stars!

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Rhonda Julio:
Black Enterprise Magazine is a magazine of excellence. I am in the real estate business; therefore, I utilize my time learning all I can about the industry. I find that Black Enterprise fills this need in every issue. Each month, it covers all the topics related to my business and more. I learn so much from the articles related to small business loans, personal financing, real estate ownership and real personal experiences of others in the business.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Danrick D. Holbrook I:
Black Enterprise Magazine is full of useful wealth-building resources. It has given me new insight into my financial choices as well as provided methods to run my business more efficiently.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Stephen Watkins:
Black Enterprise magazine provides readers with a chance to see that there are successful African Americans outside of the sports and entertainment industries. Focusing on a variety of industries and occupations, the magazine is a good resource for those that want to keep a finger on the pulse of Black business in America. They also provide a view into businesses and business paradigms that are unique to certain areas of the country, allowing those in other areas to get a new, fresh perspective on things. Black businesspersons should absolutely read Black Enterprise to keep their awareness and insight up. Our children should read it to get an exposure to both the positive role models and to the wide variety of opportunities that are really out there.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Leaford Hackett:
For the past few years I have been and avid reader of Black Enterprise Magazine, it has not only served as a form of entertainment but it has taught me some essential of finance. I am amazed at the quality and accurancy of the information provided, in addition I beiveve it is imperative for all young minoritiy individuals to begin searching for information within this source. Due to Black Enterprise I believe I am in a better place in regards to financial future, Thank You verrrrry much.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Lynden Johnson:
I have thoroughly enjoyed my subscription to Black Enterprise magazine. Each month I receive helpful information on investing, home ownership, and editorials. I also enjoy the magazine for the price offered by mags4cheap. I will definitely continue ordering all of my magazines from this company.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Erica LeMelle:
Making the decision to subscribe to Black Enterprise magazine has been one of the best decisions that I've made during my adult lifetime! As an adult learner, returning to college to complete my undergraduate degree after ten years, I have found the articles on enterprising entrepreneurs to be very enlightening and inspirational. The financial management tips and the wisely penned articles on planning for home ownership are also very timely for Black Americans in today's society. And on top of that, the 29% savings off of newsstand price will be remembered as the first great investment decision of my corporate career. Thank you!

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: tamika diawara:
As an entrepreneur and a mother and wife, I find Black Enterprise magazine of tremendous help. I can't wait to receive it each month as it has powerful information that will empower both my family's and my business' financial fitness. I was paying full price for this magazine subscription, but thanks to Mags4Cheap, I am receiving an abundant amount at significant savings! Thanks Mags4Cheap; you're the best!

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Amanda Carter:
I picked up a copy of Black Enterprise Magazine I saw in a dentist office and I was hooked. The articles are practical and give great information for investing. The financial declaration of independence was life changing. I highly recommend this magazine to everyone.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Shannon Culhane:
Black Enterprise Magazine is a great source of information for all people/races. It includes lots of information that anyone can apply to their own everyday lives - for those that are already financially savvy and successful to those that are just starting out and want more information to help them make the right decisions for themselves.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Tiffany Shinkonde:
I enjoy Black Enterprise magazine so much because it gives me insight into the business and financial success black professionals in my country. Being a black woman in my late 20s, this information is valuable and gives my husband and I ideas, helpful websites and financial motivation for us to stay focused and build wealth rather than splurge endlessly and having nothing in the end to show for it.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Dana Calhoun:
I found your site by searching the internet. Your web site is very user friendly and the process went very quickly. I will be sure to tell all my friends about your was so much more inexpensive than any other sites I found. The confirmations we received regarding the process is truly customer service oriented. Thanks so much...I will use your site for ordering magizines in the future. Dana Calhoun

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Fibia Smith:
I felt Black Enterprise Magazine was very informative. I purchased one at a stand and read it at home and felt I needed to have this one delivered to my doorstep. This is a great magazine for everyone. I highly recommend it.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Johnny Brewer:
I find that Black Enterprise magazine not only enlarges the vision of the future but it gives me insight into the dream of days to come. I generally read for fulfillment and pleasure. Now, excitement, knowledge and education are all a part of the process. When I say process; it is not just reading the magazine. It is taking part in the lives of the people of whom I read about.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Dennis Gardner:
My wife and I love Black Enterprise magazine. We love the articles about homeownership and ways to save for that first house, investment opportunities, and financial advice. Most other magazines of this type normally don't relate to working class couples like myself, yet Black Enterprise teaches everyone from the well to do or young people just getting started in life how to make money work and grow. I would recommend Black Enterprise to the CEO of a fortune 500 company, a neighborhood barbershop, or any one looking to improve their financial well being.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: James Hardy:
I chose Black Enterprise magazine because it helps me stay abreast of happenings in the business world. In addition, it is a magazine that I can personally relate to more because it has a black perspective. Most magazines that I have subscribed to in the past were only able to offer only the business side. As a black man, I require both business information and the black perspective.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: David Yancy II:
In a day and age where the rising cost of living has forced America to become more money conscious, Black Enterprise magazine has forged its way as the ultimate guide to financial empowerment. As the name may seem to imply, this magazine is not only for African-American readers, but includes a vast array of money saving techniques and tips that novice investors can use as well as tips that even the most seasoned investor may find interesting. This magazine will provide you with practical solutions and advise for money management and structured debit reduction.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Mike Harris:
I have been a subscriber to Black Enterprise Magazine for over 5 years now and I find it to be one of the best magazines out there for people-young and older-to obtain a wealth of information about how to accumulate and manage wealth. I particularly like it so because while living in a time when the rich get richer and the poor get poor, it is very encouraging to read articles about blacks who are succeeding in various careers and financial endeavors as the ones that are in Black Enterprise Magazine. Also, there is great emphasis placed on youth and their abilities and achievements in various entrepreneurial endeavors that really uplifts, encourages, and empowers blacks in the area of economic and financial decision-making in personal as well as business finances. Black Enterprise is a must-read for the entire African-American community.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Thomas Goodwin:
Black Enterprise magazine contains a wealth of information for African-Americans to gain insight into the Black business world. The articles give inspiration and ideas into the management of small business, business start-up, and where help can be found. This magazine is a must have for continued success in any and all Black owned companies wanting to move forward.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: Tiffany Lanier:
I really enjoy reading Black Enterprise magazine as a minority business professional. I found it motivational throughout my college career as well. It gives advice on financial management, building wealth, investment, and career moves. It also showcases minority business leaders in top positions which are important for setting personal career objectives.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submitted By: oteka macklin:
Black Enterprise Magazine is the magazine you want to read for investment ideas, planning for retirement & education and anything else that makes life easier. What I like most is that it doesn't target a particular socioeconomic class - people on all financial levels can benefit from reading. This is a must read for all who want to make good moves with your money!

5 of 5 Stars!
Write your own review on this product
Average Customer Rating: Displaying 24 of 24 product reviews
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